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  • fishingmcman : i'm home from #9
  • wilcoxweedpa : Enjoyed our visit up there on Saturday
  • SelgoJA : Getting ready to leave for home. Had a great time and met a lot of new people. Geocachers are the best.
  • theCigarman : I hope yall have some great weather
  • fishingmcman : I case of rain go to cabin 9
  • GoldBugGirl : I should be heading down there in a few hours.
  • fishingmcman : i will be leaving in 30 min for JDSP
  • tinkeringnut : Everyone remember to bring a lawn chair. There are no picnic tables where we are. We will head that way tomorrow morning.
  • SelgoJA : We are now at JDP.
  • SelgoJA : Wilcox, Neither rain or sleet will keep geocachers/campers away.
  • wilcoxweedpa : What's the weather forcast for Sat??
  • TitusLlewely : Saturday Event - We can bring an assortment of chips and dips, enough for eberybody if that is OK. Lemme know.
  • SelgoJA : I will do breakfast Sunday morning.
  • fishingmcman : i do not know. start one. i will bring some drinks.
  • SelgoJA : Is there a forum topic on our event next week? Looking to see what food I need to bring.
  • fishingmcman : Cheniere Shack today nor next week(due to event) hope to see everyone next weekend.
  • fishingmcman : it appears tha we will not be doing
  • GoldBugGirl : I won't be there today. Shopping to do.
  • fishingmcman : is Cheniere Shack on for today?
  • fishingmcman : my egg drowned.
  • HHRfan : Happy Easter to everyone
  • tinkeringnut : We plan on being there.
  • GoldBugGirl : Yes for CS
  • fishingmcman : are we on for Cheniere Shack today?
  • SelgoJA : Bluebonnets are blooming. Another marked off bucket list.
  • LSUFan : I am, but may be a little on the late side. I have to pick up a pair of compasses right after work. Going to educate some boys this evening on their use.
  • fishingmcman : ok
  • GoldBugGirl : Anyone for CS today?
  • fishingmcman : Bummer
  • theCigarman : We may not make it.

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