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  • arkfiremedic : It sure was great to see such a large turnout from Northern LA and even a stranger from across the Big Muddy Saturday. Hate I had to leave early, sure would have liked to stay and visit with you guys!
  • LSUFan : Did anyone get pics of the spiral cut dogs. I forgot to and was needing them for another forum I frequent.
  • MWLowe : Hey, LSUFan, I've never seen anybody turn an alleyway into a mancave before, but you managed some delicious and well appreciated hotdogs yesterday. Thank you!!
  • fishingmcman : it is still a good weekend for camping
  • LSUFan : what's it say?
  • theCigarman : According to the state's website there may not be any Halloween fun @ Lake D'Arbonne this year.
  • GoldBugGirl : Looking at vehicles sure makes a girl popular. I've had more gentlemen call me this week than when I was dating!
  • GoldBugGirl : Logan's today?
  • Prize Seeker : Had a good lunch with LSUFan today!!!
  • HHRfan : Thanks for the birthday wishes, fishingmcman
  • fishingmcman : happy biethday HHR
  • SelgoJA : Phoebe, I lost your email. can you resend it I have been very busy canning. I guess I was too tired and deleted it.
  • SelgoJA : Great meeting today. Somebodies were missed though.
  • theCigarman : It was nice seeing everone @ Logan's today.
  • fishingmcman : logans today, yes
  • HHRfan : I will also be at Logan's, Susan will be on her mail route, so I will be by myself.
  • MWLowe : Count us in. We'll brave the crummy weather.
  • SelgoJA : We're coming to Logans.
  • theCigarman : Logan's today?
  • LSUFan : We're also going to have some Arkansas geocachers down Saturday.
  • LSUFan : Well isn't that irony at teh utmost. I am taking lilLsufan and one of his friends to Vicksburg after work. I guess we'll pass on the highway so make sure to honk.
  • theCigarman : Karen and I will be at Logan's tomorrow.
  • theCigarman : Anyone camping this weekend?
  • theCigarman : Anyone going to Logan's tomorrow?
  • fishingmcman : R we doing logans tommorow?
  • 73Rebel : This link is to the webpage I used to crack most of the star codes.
  • 73Rebel : use this «link»
  • SelgoJA : Glen, #22, 31,35,42, and 46.
  • 73Rebel : Which ones do you not have done?
  • SelgoJA : we have all but 4or 5 of the LA ones done. Got . to get back to working on them.

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