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  • GoldBugGirl : Correction: We are meeting today.
  • LSUFan : I'm going
  • fishingmcman : i am on my way
  • GoldBugGirl : I take it that's a no for today. See y'all next time.
  • GoldBugGirl : Anyone else gonna be there?
  • fishingmcman : i have a recital at SYAA at 10:30 may not make it to SC
  • TitusLlewely : I found it as GCHNQB. 'Q' instead of an 'O'. too late now I guess. There were parking coordinates for a trail to hike.
  • SelgoJA : probably my fat fingers. I'll look it up when I dont have this sweet 16 month old to chase.
  • TitusLlewely : Alice - Looked up GCHNOB and it was in NC.
  • SelgoJA : Finished the MS Star yesterday. Found a really neat cache (GCHNOB Colonel Klink's Revenge) but can't find a way into it. Wish some of you were here to help us.
  • SelgoJA : Nice campground. full hookups lcampstore with lots of extras..
  • SelgoJA : on our way to Paul B Johnson state park in MS Later we will probably go to S. Louisiana.
  • fishingmcman : as always, Thank you for your Service
  • fishingmcman : hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial Day
  • fishingmcman : ok if no one else post today then it's called off. see u next time.
  • LSUFan : I won't make it.
  • SelgoJA : change of plans. I dont think we can come.
  • fishingmcman : ok anone else
  • SelgoJA : Anyone going to CS today? We are planning on being there if
  • MWLowe : Well, I only got part of my yard mowed before the rain came. I blame B, he started the hex.
  • LSUFan : Wouldn't it have been cheaper and easier to put rubber boots on the dogs. LOL
  • GoldBugGirl : Hubby & I began Phase I of an extensive dog yard improvement project today. It involved 160 12 - inch concrete squares to pave a 3 - foot wide path along the fence where they run & churn up mud. It was cheaper than therapy.
  • LSUFan : maybe more like 12;20
  • LSUFan : Yes
  • fishingmcman : NOON TODAY yes?
  • fishingmcman : HAPPY MOTHERS DAY all u muthers
  • fishingmcman : yes
  • GoldBugGirl : CS today?
  • LSUFan : I shall be dining at Cheneire Shack
  • tinkeringnut : No CS for us today.

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