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  • fishingmcman : don and karen will be at meet and greet today, hopefully
  • GoldBugGirl : Hi cigarman, hope to have you & Karen camping with us the w/e before Halloween at D'Arbonne, we missed y'all on Labor Day.
  • theCigarman : Hope all are well.
  • theCigarman : Hello everbody!
  • GoldBugGirl : I'll miss y'all today at lunch. Have to go to a CE meeting in Benton.
  • LSUFan : That'll do it. We have a thread on map datum in the geocaching 101 section.
  • Hemperley : Well I figured out what was wrong on my gpsr. Datum was set wrong.
  • GoldBugGirl : Welcome Hemperly! I remember the day it started that way for me... I asked hubby for a crash course on his little eTrex. There for a moment, he thought I wanted to take up hunting animals HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Hemperley : Hello everyone. I am going to learn how to use my Magellan Triton 400. Have has it for years and never have used it. Looking foward to meeting some you all.
  • TitusLlewely : We did the solar series last Saturday alomg with several other cachers that areon this forum. It was a bit strung out. We found every planet except Pluto.
  • L2THAJ : So who all has tried the Solar System Series out and what do you think? :)
  • 73Rebel : That new Mission GC cracked and ready for the next adventure!
  • GoldBugGirl : Yes, I got this w/e mission souvenir, too!
  • LSUFan : You know what they say about us lefthanders, we're the only ones in our right mind
  • 73Rebel : Since today is International Left Handers Day, I think the should be a special souvenir for that!
  • 73Rebel : My Mission GC souvenir is in the books for this weekend. Anyone else on the hunt?
  • L2THAJ : So I'm working on a pretty exciting cache series for the area. More so north east ouachita. It's been fun creating it, and I hope you will all think do to!
  • 73Rebel : Debbie and I will be there. Hopefully on time!
  • SelgoJA : we're coming
  • GoldBugGirl : Lunch today (Aug.6)?
  • LSUFan : L2THAJ, I'll let the site owner know, as that's way above my abilities to fix.
  • L2THAJ : Im having trouble with updating my profile... error code 500 regardless of what I am trying to save.
  • 73Rebel : Man, when you snooze you lose! We were 15 minutes late and caught LSUFan on the way out. Sorry we missed everyone!
  • GoldBugGirl : The TB Hotel would work for me, too, but I'm still looking at those others in case we want a mini road trip, we can figure it out at lunch today, see ya there.
  • GoldBugGirl : Hope to hear all about that China trip!
  • LSUFan : Ya don't concern yourself with me. If I go. it's just for the ride and/or benchmarks. All I have to do is get Mike and Mistys travel bug hotel right up from Cheneire Shack to get mine.
  • 73Rebel : I was thinking of Eldorado or possibly Minden. I saw that Scott's Field by SelgoJA also qualifies. Too bad all those I found in China don't count!
  • HHRfan : I was wondering, if y'all checked out the Tool Time Series, by Arkfiremedic and 2ter for your favorite points, It's a series of 6 caches, that all have 14 or above.
  • GoldBugGirl : Bobby & Tom have gotten it, but perhaps there's another one in that area they haven't gotten yet.
  • GoldBugGirl : SelgoJA have several caches that qualify for over 10 points. What about Ghost Town GC11C62?

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