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  • LSUFan : video of it below in the link
  • LSUFan : «link»
  • LSUFan : I knew you would like.
  • GoldBugGirl : Wow! Original colors, too.
  • LSUFan : «link»
  • LSUFan : Judy, look what Forest River is going to build 1941 units of:
  • LSUFan : I'm looking at what's near Spearsville, as we might could time it and eat at the seafood restaurant there for supper.
  • fishingmcman : k
  • GoldBugGirl : Depends on location of the itch asto whether I'll help u scratch it : - )
  • LSUFan : I'm getting a benchmark itch again that need's scratching. Anybody up for some on our camping trip?
  • fishingmcman : FYI M&G 12:30 at Cheniere Shack Hwy 80 near Cheniere Drew exit
  • LSUFan : maybe I should add, if you're in the Canadian Football league
  • LSUFan : Naw, it's perfect outdoor football weather.
  • theCigarman : Hey everybody, is it cold over there?
  • GoldBugGirl : +1for CS tomorrow
  • fishingmcman : fyi i will means that i will attend this weeks M&G at Cheniere Shack.
  • $weet : @wilcoxweedpa - I am new to geocaching and I don't know many from the area...which is why I was interested in a M&G! : - )
  • LSUFan : you wiil what?
  • fishingmcman : i will
  • LSUFan : I have a spare ticket if anyone wants to freeze, er I mean, watch the west monroe rebels play tonight.
  • MWLowe : Who all is going to be able to make it to the Cheniere Shack this Saturday?
  • MWLowe : Isn't her personal cache "If the creek don't rise" ?
  • TitusLlewely : djpizza told me a couple of years ago that Northstarrx had a flood at her house and she became inactive in Geocaching after that. Emmaxe is her brother if memory serves me correctly.
  • tinkeringnut : I have lot 15 reserved
  • wilcoxweedpa : @$weet - Do you know if Northstarrx is still active?? Haven't heard from her in a while
  • theCigarman : Tom, we can't make it.
  • $weet : Anyone in the Natchitoches area want to get together for a M&G?
  • fishingmcman : i have reserved lot c1018 for Nov 28 - 29 at Lake Darbonne St Park
  • fishingmcman : our next camping trip will be the weekend after thanksgiving
  • fishingmcman : next week the M&G will be at the Cheniere Shack 7975 Cypress St West Monroe LA 71291

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