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  • GoldBugGirl : Sorry Bobby I missed your message, yesterday was my anniversary
  • LSUFan : I shall be making an appearance at La Cheniere Shack
  • LSUFan : I need Lady Judith of GoldBug to call me at the shop.
  • fishingmcman : me
  • fishingmcman : cheniere shack roll call
  • SelgoJA : We are going to the movies at Fiske Theater tonight.
  • SelgoJA : We're going to a movie at Fiske Theater tonight.
  • TitusLlewely : Wonders will never cease.
  • fishingmcman : at last
  • fishingmcman : martha and paul are in arkansas
  • GoldBugGirl : CS +1
  • LSUFan : I will be there, but I think the majority may be at Fired Up
  • fishingmcman : cheniere shack roll call
  • LSUFan : Cool deal. Yep, I know who he is
  • 73Rebel : Hey Bobby, A true Cubs fan would remember this guy. GC41MQZ.
  • tinkeringnut : I have site 15 for the 3rd of oct LGo Fall Fling at D'Arbonne
  • blazikenfire : Sorry we missed y'all at the Shack today. You were already gone by 1:15.
  • GoldBugGirl : I'll be there.
  • LSUFan : sure
  • fishingmcman : R we Shacking today?
  • TitusLlewely : Any Cheniere Shack for Saturday August 1st?
  • GoldBugGirl : Can't make it there today.
  • tinkeringnut : can;t make it today, car trouble
  • LSUFan : I will
  • fishingmcman : CS anyone?
  • SelgoJA : We were coming to CS tomorrow but we have a funeral.
  • GoldBugGirl : I'll be there
  • fishingmcman : YA'LL coming to CS today?
  • Blue Canary : Hello Mr. Fan
  • MWLowe : Happy birthdays to FishinGmcMan and ArkFireMedic! Happy Birthday, Guys!!

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