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  • LSUFan : all recent registrations have been manually activated
  • LSUFan : Just activated more accounts.
  • LSUFan : Still having a problem with registration emails since the server change. I have activated all registrations. See if that works. Thanks and sorry for the problems.
  • fishingmcman : we had a good turnout of geocachers to james Ogles funeral. Good bye ole friend.
  • LSUFan : I have been lax in checking emails an dhave received several fro m members not getting an activation email. Life is too busy for me to really pinpoint the problem currently, so I manually approved all accounts. If you still can't log - in, let me know. Sorry for the lapse and problems.
  • fishingmcman : doing the shack today
  • GoldBugGirl : Cheniere Shack it is.
  • GoldBugGirl : BRRR! Where's lunch today (Jan. 7th)?
  • fishingmcman : Happy New Year
  • fishingmcman : just wanted to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS. James, hope alice is good this morning.
  • Jophiel : GC # - GC6X8AG
  • Jophiel : Yes, and you are invited.
  • SelgoJA : Is there an event at the shack Sat?
  • theCigarman : I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.
  • LSUFan : I also made a route
  • LSUFan : I just did something I can't remember doing in a LONG time, and that is running a pocket query
  • GoldBugGirl : Reserved Site 15 at Jimmie Davis for LGO Spring Fling GC6V6P5 on Apr 21 & 22. Any geocacher wanting to tent camp for free next to bathhouse, contact me.
  • SelgoJA : Phone wont cooperate for me to put more.
  • SelgoJA : View Carre event Nov. 12
  • LSUFan : My nephew and his son may come tent camp
  • LSUFan : #16 reserved
  • LSUFan : Everybody, welcome our newest (oldest) member, Baralak. LOL
  • Baralak : Howdy All
  • fishingmcman : me
  • SelgoJA : who all is going to Darbonne this weekend
  • SelgoJA : Bummer. Glad the girls were unable to come with us.
  • LSUFan : darbonne had their hayride the 22nd. So no need to bring candy for the kids.
  • GoldBugGirl : Site #17 reserved for Oct. 28 - 30. Lunch today?
  • fishingmcman : i am booked for oct 28 ldsp
  • terrybaldrid : Spring Fling 2017 will be at Jimmy Davis State Park on April 22, 2017

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